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The Electoral Commission of Namibia was established by the Electoral Act 24 of 1992 (Electoral Act, 1992, 3-12). The amendment of 1998 was particularly important since it took significant steps to secure the independence of the ECN from the Executive, for the appointment of the ECN is no longer the simple prerogative of the President. Moreover, the Director of Elections was firmly subordinated to the ECN read more...


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Endola Rgional Council By-Election: 07 November 2014.
Windheok West Rgional Council By-Election: 14 November 2014.
Click for Endola Polling Venues | Click for Windhoek West Polling Venues


Presidential Candidates: 2014 Elections

The following are the candidates for the presidential elections. Please click here to download.

Nominations for the National Assembly Elections

The following political parties submitted nominations for the National Assembly Elections. Please click here to download.

Electoral Commission of Namibia Calender

Download the ECN workplan/calender and be on the look out for events happening. Please click here to download.

Press Statement_Tentative Annoucement of Election Day

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) hereby wish to inform electorates, all stake holders as well as the entire Namibian Public Friday, 28th November 2014 Read More.

Media Release End of Supplementary Registration

The supplementary registration of voters concluded on the 20th September 2014. Click here to download the provisional supplmentary results and media release by the director.

Read More.

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