How to register

How do I register?

To vote in any of the elections, you have to be a registered voter. You can register in your respective local authority and constituency and you only have to register once as a voter.

Who can register?

You must:

  • be a Namibian citizen
  • be 18 years old or above and

to register as a voter you need proof of Identity, Age and Namibian Citizenship by producing one of the following documents:

  • your valid green passport or New Namibian ID, or Old Namibian ID

or one of the following combinations

  • Citizenship Certificate and Old Namibian ID (if you were born outside Nambia)
  • Namibian Birth Certificate and New Namibian Driver’s Licence
  • Namibian Birth Certificate and two registered deponents
  • Proof of Residency
Only original documents are allowed for identification purposes, no copies of any documents are allowed.


To register to vote in any local authority council election, take along your Telecom or Municipal/Town/Village electricity and water bills to prove that you have lived in that area for 12 consecutive months. Alternatively bring along one person who is a registered voter in that particular local authority area to make a statement under oath that he/she knows that you have lived there for 12 consecutive months.