Political Parties

There are sixteen (16) registered political parties with the Electoral Commission of Namibia. Click here to view the steps on how to register a political party.

To view full details of all the registered political parties, please click on the name of the party you want to view and scroll to the bottom.

P. O. Box 80207,
Olympia, Windhoek
Tel/fax: 0833300800 / 0833300802



Mr. Ignatius Shixwameni (Chairman)
Cell: 0813282365;

Mr. Vinsent Kanyetu (Act Sec General)
Cell: 0811406660
Email: vkanyetu2@gmail.com

Ms Lena Nakatanah (Coordinator)
Cell: 0818946415

Mr Marius  Goraseb

Mr Agapitus Hausiku

P.O. Box 136, Usakos,
Erf 682 Hakhaseb Location
Erongosig Str
Fax: 088643108
Email: christiandemocraticvoice@gmail.com;
Email: kandumeg1@gmail.com

Mr Gotthardt Kandume (President and Founder)
Cell: 0813622089

Mr. John Gaseb (Vice President)

Mr. Michael Nawabeb (Secretary General)
Cell: 0814328077

Mr. Hendrik Tjongarero
Cell: 0818724321
Email: hendriktjongarero@gmail.com


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