Political Parties

There are nineteen (19) registered political parties with the Electoral Commission of Namibia. Click <here> to view the steps on how to register a political party.

To view full details of all the registered political parties, please click on the name of the party you want to view and scroll to the bottom.

14 Love Street, Parliament
P. O. Box 80207,
Olympia, Windhoek
Tel/fax: 061 2882595/79

Mr. Ignatius Shixwameni (Chairman)
Cell: 0813282365;

Mr. Vinsent Kanyetu (Act Sec General)
Cell: 0811406660
Email: vkanyetu2@gmail.com

P.O. Box 136, Usakos,
Erf 682 Hakhaseb Location
Erongosig Str
Fax: 088643108
Email: christiandemocraticvoice@gmail.com;
Email: kandumeg1@gmail.com

Mr. Gotthardt Kandume (President and Founder)
Cell: 0816431596
Ms. Viola Gariseb (Secretary General)
Cell: 0817366720

8 Storch Street
P.O. Box 40509

Mr. Vaino Amuthenu (Act President)
Cell: 0812058209
Email: elagoamuthenu@gmail.com (Authorized



P.O. Box 206, Maltahöhe
Tel. no: (063) 293567
Fax no: (063) 293185

Mr. Adam Isaak (President)  Cell: 0812997201
Email: aisaak12@gmail.com



270 Chrisoperah Street, Khomasdal
P.O. Box 24491, Windhoek

Mr. Bernadus Swartbooi (Leader & Chief Change
Email: swartbooibernadus@gmail.com

P.O. Box 1151
Fax no: 061 -254058

Mr. Willie Oosthuizen (Chairperson)
Cell: 0811281151
Email: wpoosthuizen63@gmail.com



Corner Grimm Str and Independence Av.
Building no 392 Office no. 6
P.O. Box 234 Oshakati (in use for now)
P.O. Box 142, Windhoek

Mr. Epafras Jan Mukwilongo (President)
Mr. Longinus Kalimbo Iipumbu (National Coordinator)
Cell: 0818794429
Email: namibiaeconomicfreedomfighters@gmail.com



Queensland Village/Makanga District, Katima Mulilo
P.O. Box 2438, Ngweze, Katima Mulilo

Mr. Martin Lukato Lukato (President)
Email: ndpparty1@yahoo.com;



Erf 4124 Moon Street, Kuisebmond
P.O. Box 1215
Walvis Bay
Mr. Kennth Jason Iilonga (President)
Cell: 0814948572/0817957662,
Email: iilongakenneth@gmail.com
Mr. Stefanus Matheus
Email: stefanusmatheus@gmail.com

P.O. Box 7624, Katutura
Erf 654 Omusheshe Street, Hakahana

Mr. Kasira Gustaf Hijamitambo (Impermanent
Committee Leader)
Mr. Simeon Papama (Impermanent Secretary
General, Authorized Representative)

Clemens Kapuuo Street
P.O. Box 62691
Tel no: 061 211550/ 2882646 

Ms. Esther Utjiua Muiinjangue (President)
Hon. Joseph Kauandenge (Secretary-General
Cell: 0851260432)
Email: jossiekauandenge@gmail.com
Mr. Joseph Uapingene (Vice Sec. General

P.O. Box 173, Windhoek
Tel. no: 2882563
Room no 174, Southern Wing, Parliament
Email: pdmnamibia@gmail.nam

Hon. McHenry Venaani (President)
Cell: 0811245862 Email: mvenaani@yahoo.com
Mr. Manuel Ngaringombe (Sec.
General) Cell: 0816049444 
Email: manuelngaringombe545@gmail.com
Hon. Jennifer van der Heever (National Chairperson) Cell: 0812524964

Erf No. 143
Dr. Mosé Tjitendero Str.
P.O. Box 81500 Olympia 
Fax No: 088615773/255973
Email: hq@rdp.org.na / rdpparty@iway.na / webmaster@rdp.org.na; Website: www.rdp.org.na

Hon. Mike Ratoveni Kavekotora Cell: 0811420244 (President)
Email: kavekomike@iway.na
Mr. Kennedy Hiskia Shekupakela (Vice President)
Ms. Brunhilde Cornelius (Secretary General)
Hon. Agnes Limbo (Dep Secretary
Cell: 0811441184

6 Hugel Street
P.O. Box 22605, Windhoek
Tel no: 235006/7; 2882642
Fax no: 244039

Mr. Henry Ferdinand Mudge (President)
Hon. Mathias Mbundu (Secretary General)
Cell: 0813119693
Ms. Katrina Witbeen Cell:0813732129
Email: hfmudge@gmail.com; / rp@parliament.gov.na;

P.O. Box 2976, Windhoek
Tel no: 2882325
Fax no: 088637872

Hon Dr. Tangeni Iijambo (President)
Cell: 0813021271
Email: tciijambo@gmail.com
Mr. Issaskar Hijakaere (Secretary General)
Cell: 0813085281
Email: Issaskar.hiakaere@windhoekcc.org.na

P.O. Box 1071, Windhoek
Tel. no: 061 238364; 2882578
Fax no: 061 232368

H.E. Dr. Hage Geingob (President)
Hon. Sophia Shaningwa (Secretary General)
Cell: 0811221753
Email: shaningwasophia@gmail.com

P.O. Box 20037, Windhoek
Tel. no: 061 2882601/02
Fax no: 088615072/226388

Hon. Apius Auxab (President)
Mr. Hage Elijah Gawaseb (Sec
Cell: 0812793849 
Email: misterhage@yahoo.com

P.O. Box 4621, Rehoboth
Cell no: 0813698259/0811404573
Fax. no: 062 – 525915
Email: nam.unitedpeople@yahoo.com

Hon. Petrus M. Junius (President)
Hon. Jan J. van Wyk (Vice President)
Cell: 0812137339
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Becker (Secretary General)
cell: 0813088370

Erf 4479 Corner of Dodge and Kroon Str (Khomasdal Community Hall side)
P.O. Box 3349,
Tel. no: 061 260647
Fax. No. 088641065

Mr. Hewat Beukes (Commissioned
Cell: 0813535617
Email: hewatbeukes@yahoo.co.uk