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EXCO Visit to Gaborone-Botswana

The ECF-SADC Executive Committee Chairperson and Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Namibia Ms Elsie Nghikembua pays a courtesy call on ECF-SADC President and Chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission of Botswana Hon Justice Barnabas Nyamadzabo.

The courtesy visit was in line with the standing practice of the Forum which provides that the EXCO Chairperson will occasionally brief the President to bridge the gap in information and to allow the President to offer policy direction. In essence, it provided an opportunity to the leadership of the Forum to exchange notes, to retrospect, and set the tone for a progressive way -forward on the Forum business. The meeting also provided an opportunity for a Meet and Greet since the appointment of the Presidency and Executive Committee in Swakopmund, Namibia, October 2022.
The courtesy call was also important in that IEC Botswana is the host EMB of the ECFSADC Secretariat and so the visit by the Executive Committee Chairperson to Botswana provided an opportunity to appreciate the hosting arrangements and to seek guidance and direction from the host Commission on the administrative developments and the support that the host commission affords the ECF-SADC Secretariat.

In the same period, on the 18-19th April 2023, the Executive Committee Chairperson visited the ECF-SADC Secretariat where she appreciated the role played by the Secretariat to execute the mandate of the Forum and to facilitate implementation of its strategic priorities. The Chairperson took note of the challenges faced by the Secretariat especially its small staff complement to implement the Forums’ big mandate. She also
had the opportunity to interact with staff at the Secretariat and exchanged views with them.
The EXCO Chairperson highlighted that the first Executive Committee meeting during her tenure took place in Luanda, Angola on 16th March 2023, acknowledging with appreciation that CNE-Angola heeded to the hosting Rota as adopted by the 24th Annual General Conference.

As the ECF-SADC President gives direction on policy matters of the Forum, the EXCO Chairperson presented the Executive Committee discussions and Resolutions on specific policy matters that require presentation to the ECF-SADC President, these amongst others included; 1. Use of SADC Brand Name 2. The host Commission support to
the ECF-SADC Secretariat; 3. Partnerships and Formal collaborations with other organizations; 4. Establishment of the Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity (GNSEI5. 5. 25th Annual General Conference & 25th Anniversary of the ECF-SADC to be hosted by IEC South Africa in Cape Town; 6. Elections in the SADC region and 7. Orientation of the new Executive Committee The ECF-SADC President was accompanied by IEC Botswana senior officials namely Ms. Doreen Serumula (Deputy CEO) and Mr Modiegi Tombale (Senior Manager
Corporate Services). The President welcomed the Executive Committee Chairperson and the ECF-SADC Executive Secretary Ms Hilda Modisane. He assured the EXCO Chairperson of his commitment and that of IEC Botswana to the business of the Forum and the need to facilitate that the ECF-SADC remains a highly recognized EMB network in the SADC region.