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Chair Person: Adv. Notemba Tjipueja

Adv. Notemba Tjipueja holds (Bachelor of laws) University of
Papua New Guinea, (Bachelor of laws) University of Wits
Watersrand and Member of the Law Society of Namibia;
Possess extensive years of experience as an Electoral
Commissioner where she served as a commissioner from
01 August 2000 and has had the opportunity to observe numerous
elections on the continent and internationally and various
Electoral forums. She brings with her a vast experience in terms of
Legal procedures from the Office of  the Prosecutor General
where she represented the State as a State Advocate in the High
Court and the Supreme Court of Namibia for seven (7) years;
In the Office of the Government Attorney as a State Attorney
involved in civil litigation and legal advice for four (4) years.

Commissioner: Mr. Barney Karuuombe

Commissioner Mr. Barney Karuuombe holds a Master's Degree in
Development Administration and Management, University of
Manchester and Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and Sociology
from, University of Namibia. He has extensive Regional experience
in the area of integration, governance, and parliamentary systems 
processes. Mr. Karuuombe has practical exposure of observing
many elections in the SADC regions and is well versed with 
Electoral Instruments.
He is employed as a Regional Integration
Officer at the SADC Parliamentary Forum and is also responsible
for Parliamentary training.

Commissioner: Mr. Ulrich Freyer

Commissioner Mr. Ulrich Freyer holds a Master's Degree in
Administration from the University of Western Cape and is 
completing a Doctorate in Public Policy Formulation and 
Implementation from the same institution.

He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Legal studies Department 
of the Namibia University Science & Technology (NUST)

Commissioner: Mrs. Albertina Nangolo

Commissioner Mrs. Albertina Nangolo holds a Masters  Social
Science, from the University of London, a Bachelor of Arts Honours
 (Education), UNISA and Higher Education Diploma from the  
University of Namibia.
She is Currently employed as a Deputy Director at the Ministry of 

Commissioner: Ms. Elsie Nghikembua


67 - 71 Van Rhijn Street, Windhoek North

Private Bag 13352, WINDHOEK, Namibia

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