Accreditation for Elections

Election Observation

Election observation has become an integral part of the electoral process. Observers are able to provide a comprehensive, independent and impartial assessment of an electoral process.

Therefore it is universally recognized that election observers play an important role in enhancing the transparency, credibility of elections and the acceptance of results.


In terms of Section 60 (1) of the Electoral Act, Act 5 of 2014 any observer accredited by the Commission must.

(a) abide by the Namibian Constitution and other Namibian laws;

(b) respect the cultures and traditions of Namibia;

(c) declare any conflict of interest prior to taking part in the mission;

(d) remain strictly impartial and unbiased;

(e) refrain from actions that could lead to the perception of sympathy for a particular candidate or political party;

(f) refrain from wearing any party symbols or colours;

(g) support the enhancement of an respect the basic social, political, legal and other human rights in Namibia;

(h) inform the Commission of any observed irregularities or malpractices in the electoral process;

(i) refrain from making public statements relating to election results until after the election/referendum; and

(j) sign the Code of Conduct Governing Accreditation to Observe Election and Persons Accredited as Observers.

Code of Conduct

All observers accredited by ECN are required to comply with the Code of Conduct issued by the Commission in terms of Section 57 of the Electoral Act, Act 5 of 2014. Any failure contravention or failure thereof can result in the cancellation of the accreditation concerned.


Applications for accreditation for elections have commenced. Application forms are submitted at the Electoral House, 67 – 71 Van Rhyn Street, Windhoek North and should be accompanied by a passport photo of each observer, clearly marked with his/her details (name and surname). For more information please contact


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