Call for Expression of Interest

Knowledge Management & Database for the Electoral Commission Forum of SADC Countries (ECF-SADC) invites interested individuals who are former commissioners and senior officials of Election Management Bodies (EMB’s) to submit Curriculum Vitae (CV) for consideration in the establishment of Electoral Knowledge and Expertise Data-Base.

The purpose of the data-base is to ensure that ECF-SADC has pool of experts at its disposal for deployment to various electoral projects as may arise from time to time in the region and beyond. The anticipated electoral projects may include institutional support, election planning, electoral logistic management and information technology application projects.

In the execution of the projects ECF-SADC requires that deployed experts be professional, objective and impartial. In this regard, a declaration of any conflict of interest including political affiliations should be indicated.

The data-base will be developed based on the criteria specified in the attached Terms of Reference.

A cover letter addressed to Executive Secretary , ECF-SADC Secretariat and CV should be submitted by e-mail to . The subject of the e-mail application must indicate the applicant’s area of expertise.
The deadline for submission of applications is 30th October 2020 at 16h30 hours, Botswana time.

Late applications will not be considered.

Download the full document here

Procurement & Tenders

NB: Notice to all tenders or service providers

All service providers and suppliers contracted to supply goods and services to the Electoral Commission of Namibia are hereby informed that as from the 1st of May 2016, companies will be required to submit certified copies of the following statutory documents:

i.    Original Good Standing Certificate with Social Security
ii.   Original Good Standing Certificate from the Ministry of Finance
iii.  Certificate of Affirmative Action Compliance
iv.  Copy of Company Registration Documents
v.   In the case of private or public companies, form CM2,CM2A,CM2C and CM29;
vi.  In the case of close corporations,cc1 (the founding statement);

In the case of trusts, sole proprietors or joint ventures, document(s)equivalent to those referred to above should be submitted. The documents are required to confirm the name of the entity,line of business,companies or entities name, names of directors and shareholders as well as their nationalities.All companies and individuals will be evaluated in terms of their principle business stated in the founding statements/registration documents and whether they have tendered within the framework of their of line business.Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Description of the Bid and Reference Number: ​Design and Printing of Ballot Papers for the 2020 Regional Councils and Local Authority Elections
BID NUMBER: NCS/OIB/28-01/2020/21

Bid Price: A non-refundable amount of N$300.00 for each bid is payable at the Cashier, Ministry of Finance​

Address for collection & Submission of Documents:
A set of complete documents with detailed specifications can be obtained from:
Electoral Commission of Namibia – Procurement Management Unit (Office No:259, 2nd Floor, 67-71 Van Rhijn Street, Windhoek North, Windhoek, upon producing a valid payment receipts issued by the Ministry of Finance

Briefing session: A compulsory online briefing session will be held on: Wednesday, 23
September 2020 @10h00.

Further details on the zoom meetings can be obtained from Mr. B. Nzehengwa @ 0811229490 or

Closing Date and Time: Thursday, 15 October 2020 @11H00

Download the whole document

Download the bid opening report 

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