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Registering a Political Party With ECN

According to Section 39(1)(a) the principal object of a political party should be to participate in and promote elections including-

  • The nomination of persons as candidates for any such elections in accordance with the provisions of the Act;
  • The canvassing for votes for a candidate at any such elections;
  • The devotion of any of its funds or any part thereof to the election expenses of any candidate or the funds of any other political party taking part in any such elections
  • No object of a political party should be prejudicial to the safety of the State, the public welfare or the peace and good order;
  • Membership of a political party should not be excluded or restricted on the grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed or social or economic status;

Furthermore, the application must be accompanied by:

  • Proof of payment of the amount of N$ 10 000 for registration;
  • The party's constitution; and
  • A declaration signed by at least 500 members of the political party whose names appear on the national voters' register to the effect that these voters support the registration of the political party.

Section 39(3), which prescribes the information the application form should contain, is contained in form Elect 3, attached hereto.

According to Section 39(4) the declaration signed by at least 500 members of the political party shall contain the following:

(a) the full names and voters' registration numbers of the persons who have signed the declaration; and

(b) the names or numbers, as the case may be, of the regions and constituencies in respect of which such signatories are registered.

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