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Ncuncuni Constituency

Notification of Inspection of Provisional Voters' Register and making objections in respect of names of voters' in register.

Please note that copies of the provisional voters register for the Ncuncuni Constituency are available for inspection today (1 February 2018) by the public during normal office hours at the Ncuncuni Constituency office. 

Submission of Nomination Dates

1- 14 February 18: Submission of Nominations, in case of independent candidates

1-16 February 18: Submission of candidates of political parties.

Deadline (Nomination day) 16th Feb @ 11h00 AM

Submissions @ Ncuncuni Constituency office



67 - 71 Van Rhijn Street, Windhoek North

Private Bag 13352, WINDHOEK, Namibia

+264 61 376 200