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Upcoming events: Supplementary Registration of Voters

It is honor to inform the Namibian Commission of Namibia will be conducting a Supplementary Registration of Voters in all 121 Constituencies of the country from 08th – 27th July Electorate that the Electoral 2019. The Supplementary Registration of Voters is conducted to ensure that all eligible voters are registered and are in possession of voter cards in order to participate in the forthcoming 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections. The projected population figures for eligible voters as provided by the Namibian Statistics Agency (NSA) indicates that a total number of 240,827 Namibians have turned eighteen since the last General Registration of Voters that was conducted in 2014.

A key objective of the 2019 Supplementary Registration of Voters is to ensure that all eligible voters are registered to vote including societal groups that may be less inclined to register to vote, such as women, persons with disabilities (PWDs), Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and the youth, in line with the ECN’s theme for this year’s elections which is “Promoting Inclusive Participation”.

The integrity of the voters’ register is one of the basic principles on which the legitimacy of an election is founded. And as such, the ECN is committed to ensure that no group in society is denied an equitable opportunity to register to vote. The ECN’s voter and civic education programme will ensure that all eligible voters in-country and abroad have adequate information to ensure the registration of every eligible person in each societal group.

The Supplementary Registration of Voters will take place at various registration points nationwide and will start from 08h00 in the morning to 19h00 in the evening, Monday to Sunday.

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